Summary of Current Operations at the Office of Administrative Hearings and Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Due to COVID-19

The Office of Administrative Hearings and Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry are continuing to update the method of handling appearances for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. CWK will monitor and keep you updated as important announcements are made. Below is a summary of how these appearances are being handled for the time being.


At the Office of Administrative Hearings, all in-person Hearings are being left to the parties’ and judge’s discretion. However, judges are typically only allowing in-person Hearings if the case involves a “priority situation.” Each will be handled on a case-by-case basis with some Hearings will be held by telephone or being continued. All parties are still required to abide by timelines for exhibits, including e-Filing at least one day in advance. Larger Hearing rooms are being used to accommodate social distancing guidelines for Hearings that have been deemed a “priority situation.”


All other appearances at OAH will be held by telephone only for the foreseeable future. This includes Mediations, Asbestos Conferences, Settlement Conferences, Minn. Stat. 176.239 Conferences, Minn. Stat. 176.106 Conferences, Pretrial Conferences, Motion Hearings, and Attorney Fee Hearings.


At this time, all appearances at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, including Medical Conferences, Rehabilitation Conferences, and Mediations are also being held by phone only. The parties are still expected to abide by deadlines for submitting exhibits.


Different guidelines have been implemented by the Minnesota Judicial Branch for district court proceedings. Please feel free to contact a CWK attorney with any questions regarding any court proceedings.