Legal Updates

  • September 2019 WCCA Decisions

    Wilson v. Holiday Stationstore, No. WC19-6269 (W.C.C.A. Sep. 4, 2019) Employee injured her right knee with non-displaced fracture of the right patella. Her treating doctor provided a health care provider report in March 2015 stating she reached MMI without PPD. Almost a year later, she......

  • June 2019 WCCA Decisions

    June 2019 WCCA Decisions   John Devos v. Rhino Contracting, No. WC18-6240 (W.C.C.A. June 12, 2019)   Jurisdiction. Minn. Stat. § 176.041, subd. 5(b).   The Employee lived in Minnesota for most of his life. On April 7, 2011, while in Grand Forks, North Dakota,......

  • July 2019 WCCA Decisions

    July 2019 WCCA Decisions   The WCCA refuses to consider employer and insurer’s Motion to Compel in a case where the employee had not sought or received workers’ compensation benefits, and primary liability was denied. On July 31, 2019, the WCCA issued its decision in......

  • Minnesota Supreme Court Decision

    Minnesota Supreme Court denies former Minnesota Vikings player’s claim for brain injuries based on statute of limitations. On July 31, 2019, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued its decision in Noga v. MN Vikings Football Club, A18-1685. In the case, Noga brought a claim for neurocognitive disorder,......

  • 2019 Legislative Changes

    The Minnesota Legislature approved statutory changes to implement a modernized technology system, which will replace the aging system which has been in place since 1992.  These changes are promised to bring a simplified and expediated interaction with the workers’ compensation system.  The effective date is......


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Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Calculation Chart – Updated Sept 2018


Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Calculation Chart


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Minnesota Workers’ Compensation: Average Weekly Wage and Wage Loss Benefits


Fundamentals of Workers Compensation in Minnesota

Authored by Thomas F. Coleman, 2015 William Mitchell Law Review, Volume 41/Issue 4/Article 1


A Comparison of Wisconsin and Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Claims

Co-Authored by Michael R. Johnson, 2015 William Mitchell Law Review, Volume 41/Issue 4/Article 2


The summary of Laws for Minnesota and Wisconsin were accurate at the time of original posting. Please check with one of our attorneys to verify the current status of the law or statutory section you are researching or reading.

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