Kieselbach and Coleman Continue Teaching Legacy at William Mitchell

Tom Kieselbach and Tom Coleman, both shareholders in the Workers’ Compensation Group at Cousineau McGuire, continue their teaching legacy again this spring at the William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The two are co-instructors for a two credit class titled “Workers’ Compensation”. Sharing teaching duties gives students the opportunity to hear diverse perspectives from two attorneys who have been contributors to the legal field here in Minnesota.

Kieselbach has been teaching as an adjunct professor since 1983. He has taught courses at both William Mitchell and Hamline University School of Law. “I use the Socratic method,” says Kieselbach, “and I really enjoy teaching.”

Coleman first began teaching in 1995 at William Mitchell as an adjunct professor. He has also taught at Hamline University. “The camaraderie with my students is one of my favorite parts of teaching,” he says. “It’s interesting to learn with the class as we progress through the material.”

Sharing teaching duties for nearly twenty years has been a unique experience for both attorneys. “When we first started out, I was unsure if this method would work. After some initial adjustments, I’ve learned that it has been great for us and beneficial for our students,” says Coleman.

Connecting law students with the professional world has been another opportunity that stems from spending time in the classroom as professors. “As a practicing attorney, I have been able to open doors for students that are interested in workers’ compensation,” says Kieselbach. “It’s a wonderful way to encourage students who are attracted to the subject matter to find and evaluate career opportunities.”