In Case You Missed It: CWK’s Parker Olson participated in a national webinar panel addressing the effects of COVID-19 on Temporary Total Disability Benefits

In case you missed the live viewing on April 27, 2020, Attorney Parker Olson of CWK participated in a very informative webinar regarding the effect of COVID-19 on workers’ compensation benefits, including in situations involving layoffs, delays in medical treatment, and light duty restrictions.


The webinar was completed in partnership with the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN) and  We thank Parker and the other attorneys for their time and effort put into this webinar panel.


This was the second in a series of national webinars addressing COVID-19 and workers’ compensation issues.  The first was presented on April 6, 2020 by Attorney Mark Kleinschmidt of CWK.


Click the link below to re-watch the recent webinar featuring Parker Olson.