In Case You Missed It: Attorney Mark Kleinschmidt Presented a Webinar Entitles, “COVID-19 FACTS and FEAR for a Workers’ Compensation Claim”

In case you missed the live viewing on April 6, 2020, Attorney Mark Kleinschmidt of CWK put on a very informative webinar regarding liability of workers’ compensation claims involving COVID-19, as well as other aspects of the claim to consider. The webinar was completed in partnership with the National Workers’ Compensation Defense Network (NWCDN) and We thank Mark for the time and effort put into this presentation.


Stay tuned for announcements of future webinars, including the next one in the series currently scheduled for April 27, 2020, which will address workers’ compensation benefits in COVID-19 cases.


Click the link below to re-watch Mark Kleinschmidt’s webinar: